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Dear Researcher And Colleagues,

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

ISSNe 2640 -7272
Impact Factor:- 5.7
Cross-ref / DOI :- 10.33826/ijmras
Scopus / Mendeley / DOI :- 10.17632
Call For Paper Volume 05 Issue 11 November

IJMRAS calls for practitioners and scholars from different disciplines to provide their Research Articles, theoretical Papers, and Case Studies. The task that will be submitted by researchers must be original and should not have been presented or submitted to any other journal or conference. However, there’s a condition that only those articles, papers, or case studies will get published that are termed as complete and reach the desk of the editor in the given format with full copyright form. To add, authors are requested to provide non-exclusive copyrights of their work to make sure that their research gets published. Moreover, submissions can be made in any of the aforesaid colloquium streams.