Information For Librarians

We encourage research librarians to list this journal among their library's electronic journal holdings. As well, it may be worth noting that this journal's open source publishing system is suitable for libraries to host for their faculty members to use with journals.

New knowledge is built by synthesizing current scholarship and then building upon it. If the current scholarship is behind a pay-wall, only those who can afford access can truly contribute to moving our knowledge of a subject forward. Non-Open Access Academic journals can be very expensive, making scholarly research a costly undertaking for someone with a limited research budget. Academic libraries have subscriptions to a large number of scholarly journals, and many allow members of the local community to access the library's journals if they visit the library in person, but the ever rising costs of journal subscriptions is a burden on libraries' budgets. A single institution's annual subscription can cost university libraries anywhere from $5,000 to $600,000. Instead of being stuck behind a paywall imposed by often exorbitant subscription prices, Open Access research can be read by anyone with access to the Internet. Open Access levels the playing field so that an independent scholar, an adjunct faculty member at a small college, and a tenured faculty member at a major research university have the same level of access.



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