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This policy pertains to print and online corrections. Well, an article is termed final and complete only of it is published online. Even if it’s possible to make corrections to this version, our policy (in common with varying publishers) doesn’t allow to do so, given about exemptions.

However, we are just allowed to verify typographical issues in the following: affiliations, author names, abstracts, articles titles, and keywords. In similar situations, a corrigendum or an erratum would be more than enough as well, so there is a given record to elucidate the difference in between the print and online versions.

We just publish any type of correction to the article if there happens to be a serious issue, for instance with terms to scientific accuracy, or if the author’s reputation or that of the journal would get influenced. Also, we don’t publish any such work that don’t have any influence on the contribution in a materialistic way or necessarily impair the reader’s knowledge of the contribution like any spelling mistake or a grammatical error.