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This work attempts a critique of Rousseau social contract theory. The issue of a stable social order has been of concerned to social contract theorists. This was propelled by the perceived chaos, anarchy, disorder and decadence in society. Jean Jacque Rousseau was one of the recognized social contract theorists, who presented their works in response to a radically disturbed political situation that existed in the societies of his time which was described as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”.  He weaved his theory of government through his own conceptions of humans and society living within the commonwealth. Common also to these theorists is the emphasis they all placed on the significant role the institution of state can play in the establishment of a stable social order in society. Going through his theory, many short comings were noticed. That is the reason why this work set out to look into the inadequacy in the theory. A numbers of these were mentioned in this work and at the same time, the work also concluded that despite the noticeable inadequacy in his social contract theory, Rousseau contribution to modern day social order is much more significant.


Contract, Commonwealth, Government, Political, Social Order, Theorists


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