Provisos Of Csr In The Indonesia National Law In The Viewpoint Of Worldwidespeculation Understanding

Ahmad Faruk



This article expounded statements of corporate social obligation as government ar-rangement and its suggestion to the worldwide speculation understanding. It is likewise investigate the primary arrangements of thoughts and the hypothetical structure that shape the premise of CSR as presented in article 15 of Investment Law.

The examination uncovered the job of social duty and condition administration as a commitment in securing the enthusiasm of the states; financial specialists; people groups and contrasting it and the Prohibition of Execution Requirement (PPR) as for the most part presented in universal venture understanding, especially in speculation section under FTA.


Investment, Assentation, CSR.


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Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Law, Mataram Al Azhar Islamic University

Professor of International Law at Faculty of Law, PajajaranUniversity

Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Law, MataramUniversity

Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Law, MataramUniversity

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