Henrietta Appiah; Janet Dansoah Oppong; Rose Agyei; Endurance Serwaa Lah



This study sought to find out the challenges facing single mothers in household in the Komenda Edina EguafoAbirem (KEEA) municipality. The study was a descriptive survey and employed the quantitative approach. Data were collected using a self-designed structured questionnaire. Snowball and purposive sampling technique were used to select 150 single mothers for the study. Data analyzed were presented using frequency and percentage tables. The study revealed that the single mothers faced a combination of challenges including work-related, financial and psycho-social. It was also established that the dual parental roles played by the single mothers made them highly unproductive both at work and at home.  It was recommended that the society, churches and the courts should enforce the regulations and laws on marriages to minimize the rates of desertions/divorce/separations to help recognize the importance of fathers and extended family to take up the responsibility of the welfare of their children.


Challenges, Single Mothers, Households, Komenda Edina EguafoAbirem (K.E.E.A) municipality, Central Region


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Department of Pre-Vocational, Enchi College of Education, Enchi, Ghana

Department of Pre-Vocational, Seven Day Adventist College of Education, Koforidua-Asokore, Ghana

3Department of Education, Seven Day Adventist College of Education, Koforidua-Asokore, Ghana

Department of Pre-Vocational, Seven Day Adventist College of Education, Koforidua-Asokore, Ghana

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