Background: Health is AN imperative feature of AN individual’s life, and massive health standing is taken into account as scale back in unhealthiness, the low burden of       un wellness and morbidity generally population. It is usually accepted that improved health is not the merely controlled level of fertility or scale back within the mortality and morbidity however improvement within the overall productivity of an individual
Objectives: To verify the determinant of public angle towards seeking health service, and establish the amount of their satisfaction with care services.
Methodology: This is a descriptive cross-sectional study that was carried out in camera and public hospitals of metropolis and Hyderabad. form-based mostly survey was conducted to live the health-seeking behavior; as no standardized tool was on the market on this subject a self-designed form with the facilitate of relevant studies, was reviewed by subject consultants and therefore the corrections were created supported the consultants’ suggestion. information was collected through self-administration of form among the analysis subjects. applied math and analytical packages like applied math Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and MS stand out the package is employed for information analysis and illustration. Frequencies and proportion are used; Chi-square check of significance at (p-value= zero.005) was accustomed to verify the association of variables. Cronbach’s test was accustomed to any verify the responsibility of form.

Results: The determinant is known that have a vital impact on health-seeking behavior were, gender, occupation, monthly financial gain, price of care, lack of adequate info, accessibility to care facility. The result showed a vital association between the level of satisfaction with healthcare service and the angle towards seeking care services.
Conclusion: because the designing and delivering of care services are directly impacted by populations’ angle towards health care utilization; the findings of this study would facilitate in providing a much better understanding of population angle and in coming up with a certain care system to satisfy it.


Health Seeking Behavior, Satisfaction, Socio, Economic Determinants, Care Barriers.


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